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Aeterno Elementum: A Fantasy Rock Opera

A brief scene by scene description of the events of Aeterno Elementum.


Father Castitas begins to relive his past through nightmare, just as he does every night.  The demons of his fractured psyche come to torment him, but are driven back briefly by a mysterious protector, allowing him to walk through his memories without fear.


Stain the Dove

The dream begins in the Priest Emperor's temple at the Center of the Quintessence, where Castitas spent most of his life prior to the wars, serving as an adept under his mentor, Arch Bishop Hale.  Here, his genuine desire to help mankind despite the ever growing darkness pervading it has caused him to fall into a dark despair.  After Viddr Wolfsbane's assault on the temple where he seized the crown of the Priest Emperor for himself, Castitas cries out for divine assistance in desperation.  His call is heard by an ancient being who has been awaiting this very moment for unknown millennia.  A young Siris and his sister, Selene, witness their father being killed by Viddr and he swears vengeance.


Silence and Darkness

Castitas struggles to comes to terms with his new relationship with the Demoness, and finds no solace in his former devotions. 


The Generals

Castitas' memories move forward to shortly after the wars where he is approached by the four immortal leaders of the Demoness' armies: Sanbou Koujin, the Fire Warrior from the Eastern lands of Hiyama, Edmond, the Embodiment of Water from Tyr'Mallor to the West, Soter Perdiccus, the Air Assassin from the Southlands of Haikhma Basileia, and Viddr Wolfsbane, the mighty General of Earth from Norrmark to the North.  Weary of body and soul and having fulfilled their blood sworn pact, they ask Castitas to give them the absolution they cannot attain on their own and release them from their eternal bonds.


Lure of the Flames

The first of the generals, Sanbou Koujin, tells his tale to Castitas.  A former Samurai of Hiyama, he abandoned his title and lands rather than continue to serve a corrupt Daimyo named Honda Sadaaki.  He turned instead to the theater, where he fought back by staging political farces.  After attending one of his performances, Honda's wife began a surreptitious affair with him, and before the actor had learned her true identity, the Daimyo discovered them in the theater where they lay in the throes of passion.  Trapping his wife in the theater, he burned it to the ground.  Outside, Honda presented the former samurai with one last chance to die with honor.  In his final moments, the Demoness offers Sanbou the chance to unleash his fury on his enemies in exchange for his undying service.


Syren’s Embrace

The second general, Edmond Perrian, begins his tale.  Edmond was a powerful Tyr'Mallorean noble of tremendous wealth.  On a pilgrimage into the Quintessence he fell in love with Selene Van Sol, the sister of Siris, who had grown into a woman of incredible beauty.  Disgusted by his overly amorous advances, Selene rejects him.  Unable to believe there is a problem he cannot solve with money, Edmond seeks the aid of a dark magicks.  So ensorcelled, the woman falls in love with him and bears his child.  When payment for the sorcery is collected and the child disappears in the night, the resulting stress causes the charm spell to weaken and fade, leading Edmond to realize that he can never truly possess Selene.  In his despair, the Demoness offers him to ability to control the minds and emotions of all men in exchange for his servitude, but still he knows that Selene will never truly love him as he loves her...



The third general, Soter Perdiccus, tells of his past.  A former assassin of the Grey College in Haikhma Basileia, he was given a contract to assassinate the daughter of a wealthy landowner who refused to lend his resources to the defense against Viddr Wolfbane's incursions out of fear for his family's safety.  Upon seeing the policitian's daughter, Perdiccus fell instantly in love and furtively seduced her.  Together, they fled far from the lands of her father.  Soon she bore his child, and the three of them lived in peace for many years, constantly on the move lest they be discovered by their enemies.  Over time, their vigilance began to waver, until one night the past caught up to them…


The Star of Dawn

2,300 years in the past, the Priest Emperor is betrayed by his children and falls, signaling the end of the Golden Age of Pentar.  Witnessing the fall of her beloved, the Demoness descends from the heavens and awaits his return...


Tenebrous Absolution

In recent times, The Priest attempts to find comfort in his religious ceremonies, but is disrupted by a disapproving Demoness.



The final general, Viddr Wolfsbane, speaks.  After killing his father for weakness and uniting the tribes of Norrmark under his banner, Viddr set out with his brothers, Velox and Draevul , as well as a mighty host of Northmen warriors to retake the Priest Emperor's crown for himself and his people, leaving his wife, Dagny, to rule in his absence.  They journeyed into the Quintessence, and stormed the Priest Emperor's temple, seizing the crown and allowing Viddr to name himself as ruler of Pentar.  From there, they set out on a seven year campaign to subjugate the other three kingdoms.  After an extended stalemate in the hostile deserts of Haikhma Basileia, Viddr was forced to turn his armies northward, back towards home.  His enemies, however, had banded together, led by Siris Van Sol, whose father Viddr had killed seven long years ago during his assault on the temple.  Viddr's armies were scattered, and the warlord himself was taken captive by Siris to be locked away deep under the Priest Emperor's temple for all time.  Soon however, the Demoness came to him, showing him visions of his brother usurping his rightful place as ruler.  She then offered Viddr the chance to retake what was rightfully his.


Shadows of Twilight

Viddr continues his tale.  He returns home to find the visions have come true, and his brother Velox has claimed the Priest Emperor's crown as his own.      


Tapestry of Fate

Again, Castitas returns to his rituals, and this time is able to find solace.  The Demoness acknowledges that she cannot keep him from becoming who he truly is. 


Lord of the Night

The Generals gather their armies and prepare to lead them against mankind. 


The Coming Storm

The Generals address their armies prior to battle.


Aeterno Elementum

In a quiet moment before the armies march, Father Castitas anoints each of the Generals.


The Child

Siris Van Sol and his companions have fought long and hard against the forces of the Demoness, but nation by nation, city by city, mankind has fallen until there are none left to fight.  In a rare moment of peace, the four companions sit around their campfire at night, morosely contemplating the end.  An unlikely visitor brings hope in the form of a young child that Siris had never expected to see again.



With newfound purpose, Siris leads his companions and his niece to the Priest Emperor's temple where they barricade themselves and prepare to make a stand.  As the armies of the Demoness approach, Siris hides the child in the dark passages below the temple, preparing to defend her with his very life.


“A Perfect world… A world without sin.  In this I have succeeded.  But only now do I realize my folly…”