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Aeterno Elementum: The Fantasy Rock Opera is the tragic story of mankind’s final fall, and the love and hope that blooms from the ashes. In a realm ravaged by cruelty and greed, a priest of an ancient, noble order seeks to restore purity, and in his search finds the Demoness… a primal creature who seeks to end the world so that it may be reborn anew. Together, the unlikely pair weave together the fates of men from across the five nations of Pentar to forge an army that sweeps away the old world under a tide of fire and death.

In the face of overwhelming evil and inevitable defeat, a hero stands defiant, rallying to him the last of mankind’s defenders to do battle one last time. And while the world crashes down around them, the Priest and the Demoness share a love as impossible as it is eternal. Together, the strange pairing of mortal man and immortal woman learn of their intertwined destinies, as a new world is born from the ashes of the old.  

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Aeterno Elementum 2015 Promotional Video