Aeterno Elementum is an operatic heavy metal concept album by Ara'Kus, and is the basis for the Heavy Metal Opera of the same name.  It tells the story of a world fallen into darkness and it's inevitable and violent purification.  The music combines elements of traditional heavy metal with operatic and symphonic themes and ranges from heart pounding, guitar driven intensity to eerie choral pieces that would be at home on an operatic stage.  This remastered and re-released version features the new tracks Overture, Silence and Darkness, Star of Dawn, Tapestry of Fate and Aeterno Elementum.

Recording Artists:

  • Jeremiah Johnson - Guitar and Lead Vocals
  • Randy Haines - Guitars and Vocals
  • Vivian Lee - Lead Soprano
  • Lauren 'Razz' Palumbi - Violin and Vocals
  • Terrence Lewis - Bass
  • Ray Salamon - Bass
  • Rachel Brunson - Keyboards
  • Jeremy Veleber - Drums
  • John Perlic - Cello



  • Ryan Aarestad
  • Lynn Ceiladh Grandin
  • Steven Cejka
  • Brian Davis-Hopkins
  • Brittany DeMott
  • Pamela Gwizdak
  • Josh Johnson
  • Ashley Selleck
  • Susan Smith
  • Deirdre Stinson
  • Laurel Varner
  • Yvonne Weyrick