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The Characters


Father Castitas

Born and raised in the Quintessence, he lived his entire life in service to the people of Pentar as a clergyman of the Priest Emperor's temple.  His entire life until the invasion of the Northmen and his first encounter with the Demoness, that is.  Now, as the last survivor of the wars he relives the events of his past every night in his dreams.

The Demoness

An eternal being, born of the elements, she has been waiting countless centuries for the Priest Emperor's return so that she can cleanse the world and bring rebirth. Read more...

Viddr Wolfsbane (The General of Earth) 

A fearless warrior from Norrmark who has united the clans of his homeland in an effort to take his place as the new Priest Emperor and bring the rest of Pentar under his rule. Read more...

Soter Perdiccus (The General of Air) 

An assassin from the Grey College in Haikhma Basileia who was the most promising of his order until he failed to complete a contract to kill the daughter of a wealthy politician.  Seducing her, the two of them fled and began a life together.

Edmond Perrian (The General of Water)

A Tyr'Mallorean noble from the first crest house, Edmond is used to his way in all things and has wealth beyond imagining.  On his frequent business trips into the Quintessence, he encounters Selene, and falls madly in love with her, though she does not return his affections. Read more...

Sanbou Koujin (The General of Fire)

A former samurai of Hiyama, he was ordered to slaughter an entire village of innocents when they were unable to pay taxes to their Daimyo.  After carrying out the order, Sanbou relinquished his blade and title in disgust and descended to the life of a commoner, where he became an actor in the theater. Read More...

Siris Van Sol 

A Paladin of the Quintessence, he is sworn to defend his homeland and the Priest Emperor's temple against all evils.  After witnessing his father killed by Viddr Wolfsbane as a child, he swore vengeance against the clans of Norrmark and began to rally the other nations against them.