The Demoness

Every culture has their own legends surrounding the mythical creature known as the Demoness.  There are entire sects of the Quintessence devoted to the study of ancient texts referring to her, and while there is no definitive truth that has been gleaned, this has not stopped the stories surrounding her from growing and spreading to all corners of the world. 

In the most popular stories, she is the counterpart to the order, law and stability of the Priest Emperor; a force of chaos, destruction, and at the same time beauty and creation.  Some tales also paint her as the Priest Emperor's lover, and mother to the world.  Her most commonly portrayed role is that of the destroyer, the being that descends to earth when all hope is lost and wipes the slate clean so that life can begin anew.  This is by far her most terrifying aspect, and has given rise to many apocalyptic myths.

One of these myths finds its origin in texts that are believed to have been penned by the Priest Emperor himself, prior to his fall over 2,300 years ago.  They describe in unclear detail a mysterious female figure who had destroyed all life save the Priest Emperor himself and a child of purity.  Having fulfilled this purpose, the destroyer relinquished her life, passing her burden on to the child so that a new creator may be reborn in purity and life may begin anew.

There are several prophesies describing portents surrounding the return of the Demoness to Pentar.  The one that seems to be most universally agreed upon is the rebirth of the one true Priest Emperor.  For centuries, those in the Quintessence have watched closely for this to occur.  Many hopeful candidates have risen over the years, but none have proven themselves before perishing.  Other notable portents include the conquering of the Quintessence by outside invaders and the unification of Pentar under a single rule.

The icon most commonly associated with the Demoness

The icon most commonly associated with the Demoness

Some believe that the Demoness already walks Pentar, having descended after the fall of her lover, the Priest Emperor.  They profess that she is simply biding her time until her beloved's rebirth, lurking in the shadows and waiting for the moment of her ultimate revenge on the world that took him from her.  They also blame her for such events as the 10 year long eruption of Mount Hiyama that blanketed the world in ash and caused the period of time known as the Long Winter.  Whatever the case, the Demoness, if she in fact exists, waits in silence and no definitive sign has ever been reported of her.