Sanbou Koujin(The General of Fire)

Sanbou was raised as a samurai of a powerful Daimyo in the Eastern lands of Hiyama, in the city-state of Godan.  From the time he could walk, he was trained in the strict code of honor and swordsmanship that marked a warrior of the noble class and provided the only barrier between order and chaos in their naturally impassioned people.  As he grew older, Sanbou excelled in his studies and earned a reputation as both a fearsome and honorable samurai, bringing much glory to his Daimyo and city-state. 

It should be noted that the only consistent thing about Hiyaman politics is that change is a constant, and during Sanbou's third decade of life, his Daimyo was assassinated by a devious and unscrupulous rival, Honda Sadaaki.  In an impressive display of careful planning, Honda not only hid his direct involvement with the killing, but was named as the successor Daimyo of Godan.  Abiding by his code of honor, Sanbou swore fealty to Honda and served him faithfully for several years. 

Sanbou was no stranger to killing, and in the course of service to his previous Daimyo had been asked to battle many foes in honorable combat, and on more than one occasion in full out war.  Daimyo Honda was a different sort of master, however.  Often, when Sanbou was asked to kill for Honda, his opponents were never given a chance to defend themselves, and ambushes against unprepared foes were common.  Despite the resentment Sanbou felt at this dishonorable approach, he refused to break his oath of loyalty and obeyed as he had been trained to obey all his life. 

Then came a day when Daimyo Honda led Sanbou to a small village on the outskirts of Godan that had been unable to pay their taxes due to a poor harvest the previous year.  Honda insisted that the village leader hand his daughter over to become his new concubine in place of their payment.  When the village refused and tried to stand defiant against Honda's outrageous request, the Daimyo ordered Sanbou to kill every man woman and child and torch the village.

Sanbou was shocked at this order, and for the first time in his life, questioned his Daimyo.  Honda did not back down, however, and issued the command again.  Fury rising in his heart, Sanbou acted in the only way he knew how.  He obeyed and fulfilled his duty.  There was not a single warrior among the villagers and they were able to offer only a token resistance.  Within a few minutes, Sanbou and the soldiers under his command carved a swath through the civilians, leaving the farmlands crimson with their blood. 

After the last scream had been silenced and torch set to the houses, Sanbou stared at his work in utter disgust, feeling the dishonor of his actions in full.  He removed his sword and threw it at the feet of Honda, relinquishing his title as Samurai.  Honda simply laughed as Sanbou walked away. 

Sanbou was lost, having given up the only purpose he had ever known in life.  Eventually however, he befriended a member of a local theater troupe and became involved in underground shows that helped to expose the corruption of Daimyo Honda through political farces.  His works grew in popularity and soon he drew the affections of a beautiful geisha who worked in the same theater.  Before long, they fell in love.  Sanbou was not the only one who sought her attentions, however.  Honda Sadaaki had also taken notice of this particular geisha and paid a substantial amount of money to make her his wife. 

Unable to contain their desire for each other, Sanbou and the geisha continued to see each other in secret, but it was not long until Honda grew suspicious and followed her to the theater, where he came upon the two of them in the throes of passion.  Dragging Sanbou outside, Honda left his wife trapped in the theater as he burned it to the ground, forcing his former Samurai to watch and laughing cruelly at his sorrow. 

Honda then offered Sanbou a final chance to die with the honor that he had clung to for so long.  He was given a dagger and ordered to take his own life.  Rage burning in his heart, Sanbou stared into the flames of the burning theater and could almost imagine his lover there, dancing even as the flames consumed her. 

And then she appeared... and Sanbou was given the power to take revenge on the man who had stolen his dignity, his honor and the woman he loved.  But as with all things, there was a terrible price.