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Wisps of damp fog run up your arms and a gentle snow begins to fall as your ears fill with the clash of steel on steel, all while soaring operatic Heavy Metal music pounds in rhythm with your heart. That is Aeterno Elementum.

You won’t simply hear it.

You won’t just watch it.

You’ll feel it.

You’ll experience it.

Ara’Kus has been performing and perfecting Aeterno Elementum for 5 years, and what we’ve learned is that stories can be told through sight and sound alone. But a truly remarkable story, that’s something that can’t just play out on a movie screen, it’s something you have to immerse yourself in. Aeterno Elementum isn’t a story that will just occur on stage, it will play out around you and amongst you. Once you enter the theater, you’ll find yourself in a world that is dying from the cruelty and corruption that is eating away at it like a cancer.

You’ll feel the heat of the flames as betrayal claims a man’s honor. You’ll hear the waves break against the rocks as envy and desire dooms a man’s soul. You’ll see assassins creeping through the audience, perhaps even sneak right past you, as they hunt a man who couldn’t escape his past. The drums of war will echo in your chest as mankind makes one final stand.

That is Aeterno Elementum: a story you’ll experience with every sense your body possesses. An experience you won’t get anywhere else. 

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Aeterno Elementum 2015 Promotional Video