Viddr Wolfsbane (The General of Earth)

Raised as the eldest son of a powerful clan leader in Norrmark, Viddr learned at a young age about the ancient myth of his ancestor, Vargon Wolfsblood.  In these stories, Vargon was told by the gods that his line would bring about the next Priest Emperor.  Viddr knew from that time on that he would rest at nothing to bring his clan and his people the glory they deserved and had been promised.  As he grew older and stronger, he became disgusted by the weakness he saw in his father and kinsmen.  Rather than seeking out their destiny and claiming it by force, they lived a life of relative comfort, worshiping their wolf gods and occasionally raiding the neighboring clans over some petty dispute.  

In an act of intentional blasphemy, Viddr slew scores of wolves in the night, dragging their corpses in front of his father's dwelling.  There he waited, covered in animal blood until dawn, when his father emerged and stared in fury at the pile of carcasses.  Viddr challenged him to a duel on the spot and slew him in a long and brutal combat.  He stood over the mangled body of his patron and called out for any more challengers, but none emerged and Viddr claimed leadership of his clan, changing their name from Wolfsblood to Wolfsbane in the process.

With his clan behind him, Viddr journeyed across Norrmark, challenging and defeating the leaders of all the tribes and uniting the Norrmark people for the first time in over 1,500 years.  Now, as the crowned ruler of his nation, Viddr rallied the most fearsome army that Pentar had ever known, comprised of tens of thousands of Norrmark warriors, hardened by centuries of raiding and survival in the harsh tundras of the north.  Leaving his wife Dagny to rule in his stead, he set out with his brothers, Velox and Draevul and their armies to storm the Quintessence and retake the Priest Emperor's crown for the Norrmark people.