Improving the Apocalypse

We had a tech meeting last month where we discussed some of the improvements we're hoping to make to the show.  One of the things I'm really excited about is creating a more dynamic set.  We're hoping to have some destructible objects, like pillars that can burst apart, and walls that crumble.  We're also looking into things like projected backdrops that we can fully animate, snow, rain and improved fire effects.  I'm not sure that we'll get all of that up and running, but at the very least we've stimulated our creative juices. 

So when we say our cast is large, we aren't kidding.  This shot doesn't even include our tech crew.

So when we say our cast is large, we aren't kidding.  This shot doesn't even include our tech crew.

I just finished up a couple new musical pieces for the November shows.  One is an instrumental that will be played over the curtain call.  Randy had suggested this awhile back.  He's always felt that curtain calls were a really unpleasant experience for the audience, and often times just dragged on far too long with nothing interesting going on.  Recently he saw another show where they had music incorporated into the call, and it made the entire experience much more bearable.  So, with that in mind, I composed a new piece that reprised a lot of the themes from the show.  We're scheduled to start rehearsing it tonight.  I'm excited to hear it start coming together.

The other piece I composed was a classical guitar and violin piece.  It will be replacing the only non-original piece of music in the show, Koyunbaba (Carlo Domeniconi).  Historically, Randy has played this song during the first Act of AE, and we've always struggled with a way to make it fit into the story, since it wasn't written with our show in mind.  This the first piece I've written for classical guitar and violin, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  It will serve to expand on the story between the Priest and Demoness slightly, serving as a link between the scenes in Silence and Darkness and Tapestry of Fate.  I've named the piece Tenebrous Absolution.  Randy has looked it over and feels confident he should have it ready to play before November.

Next Sunday we're getting together at the Historic Everett Theatre for a full cast run through.  We haven't had any rehearsals like this since last November, so I'm expecting things to be pretty rough.  This is mostly just to shake off the rust and get psyched for the rehearsals we'll be starting in September.  It also should be a lot of fun.

One of my priorities over the next week is to try and fill a few empty roles we have for the November run.  Most of the people in Lure of the Flames won't be able to join us this year, so we need to bring on a new Fire General, a new Samurai and a new Shogun's Wife.  We've been distributing casting notices and have a few responses so far, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.