How the Apocalypse Began

I first saw Aeterno Elementum four years ago at the Historic Everett Theatre, and what I saw completely blew my mind. I saw an epic tale of death, betrayal and heroism play out on a stage with knights and demons while killer heavy metal music thrummed in rhythm with my heart. It was so good I immediately volunteered my services as a writer, in the hopes of spreading the word about this amazing group of people and the show they so passionately put on. Over these past four years I’ve had the privilege of watching this show grow in every conceivable way, from the script to the special effects and everything in between. 

The Four Generals, August 2011.

The Four Generals and their Armies, January 2015.

The show I saw in August of 2011 was made on a shoe string budget so small that I don’t think it could properly lace up a baby’s shoe. Yet what they were lacking in financial resources was more than made up for in the passion they had for their show, and it was their passion that made the show come alive. Passion and the drive to make the best show possible is something you can’t buy, and it’s what makes Ara’Kus special. I knew when I saw the show that if given the right financial resources, this show would absolutely blow the minds of anyone who saw it.

This last weekend proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Aeterno Elementum is one of the greatest shows you’ll ever see. Back in November we ran a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, which succeeded in raising $4000.00 dollars for the show. And now I can see what happens when you combine amazing passion and ability, with the resources to create the costumes and sets they’ve always dreamed of. 

The Assassins, August 2011.

The Assassins, January 2015.

Moving to the Kirkland Performance Center was one of the riskiest moves Ara’Kus has made, the production costs alone were nearly doubled and there was always the risk that our established fanbase in Everett might not follow us all the way to Kirkland. But thanks to our fans, all of you out there reading this, the indiegogo campaign covered the production costs and not only did you follow us to Kirkland but you also brought a whole new group of fans with you! This was also the first year that I saw people arriving dressed like the Demoness, and I think we can all agree that when people start Cosplaying your characters, you’ve officially made it. 

The Fire General, August 2011.

The Fire General, January 2015.

Had I seen this show in all its glory four years ago, I’m not sure there would have been enough of my mind left to properly describe how awesome it was. The story, once vague and confusing, is now full and engaging with a storied history that spans thousands of years. The lighting, once rudimentary, now serves to illuminate the amazing action happening on stage. The amazing passion that made me a lifetime fan is still there, but now tempered by experience and confidence that lets everyone completely own their roles.

There are really no words to describe how amazing it’s been to see Aeterno Elementum grow to the amazing show it’s become. Nor can I truly express how grateful I am that they’ve let me tag along with them on their adventures and write about the journey that has taken them so far in such a short time. This is, without a doubt, only the beginning of Ara’Kus’s continuing journey to bring unbelievable stories of heroism, love and courage to the stage. And I can’t wait to see what adventures I’m writing about in another five years!

If you haven’t seen Aeterno Elementum yet, now is the time to do so. The Kirkland Performance Center has truly let us shine our brightest, and we want you to be there! So come one, come all! Experience the apocalypse, and the courage of one man’s stand against the darkness…

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